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The best way to know what kind of readings I do is to hear how they've helped others. Always illuminating, empowering, and loving - if you've never had a clairvoyant reading before, you can rest assured your Soul's Message will be positive and feel completely safe.

"You have a genuine warmth to you, old soul spirit and engendered such a calm and centering experience for me, as well as others. I think you touched many hearts that night and helped me certainly have some insight surrounding the areas we ventured into."

"You are able to put me right at ease and explain everything in such a beautiful, clear & simple way. Your wisdom and intuitiveness are such a gift, I'm so grateful I did the call!"


"This reading blew my mind. The first thing she said to me had me in tears, it hit me right in the heart and resonated deeply. During the reading she really confirmed so many decisions that I had recently made and also confirmed my own intuitive hits. She said things that allowed me to understand on a much deeper level. I found myself nodding my head during the whole session…it was so good!"​

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"I loved that I was able to walk away with a really powerful image that I can implement every day. It definitely elevated the reading beyond other readings and gave me ways to take action. It was an empowering experience!"

"I wanted to reach out and share my gratitude and appreciation for the reading. It touched my heart greatly because it helped me connect on a different, deeper level with “overwhelm". I feel light at the end of the tunnel, it helped me experience relief in not worrying about the future so much."

"Thank you so much for my reading - obviously it hit an emotional cord. It was exactly what I needed to hear to have the confidence to move forward with the path I recently transitioned to."

"I purged SO MUCH stuff the rest of the weekend and feel Empowered with a plan. I also experienced less emotion in sorting through things and did a huge donation. Thank you!"

"I loved my reading!!! It was spot on and it felt very comfortable!"

"I’m so happy you were able to come last night, you were the star of the show! I can’t tell you how many of the girls said to me, omg I love her!!! They were so excited to have you be part of the night!"

"This reading was not only interactive but so fun! I loved getting to see all of the cards, and you simultaneously on our call— It felt inclusive, I felt in on the experience with you. I also just love your wisdom, insight and perspectives as someone who I know is really tuned in."

'It was such an enlightening experience in a trusted space!"

"Your readings are my absolute favorite. Not only were you spot on in so many aspects of my current situation, but you have this ability to hold compassionate space while also being super intuitive. You are my go-to when I need clarity or guidance of any sort. What a gift."

"My Reading was not only eye opening, but everything landed for me— in a way that truly resonated with not only where I currently am in my life, but also where I want to go. The guidance was spot on— references that she made, that were like little love note reminders like “yes, you are guided and supported.”

"I gained some deep clarity on some things that had been somewhat confusing, and left the reading feeling grounded, hopeful and excited about what’s coming. Sometimes we just need reminding. She created such a safe space for us— and it opened us up to not only receive what was coming through, but allowed me to trust it. Ridiculously grateful!"

"I loved my reading and how accurate and precise she is, I felt safe with her, it was insightful and gave me a clear direction of my next steps."

"You are an amazing intuitive counselor!! You are always spot on with your understanding of me and give me valuable advice for moving forward in a positive way in my life. I highly recommend your services!"

"I loved your insights and suggestions. I loved how you recapped and emphasized what I need to remember. You were really helping me from your heart and deep inner wisdom."


"We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us."

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