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Your Psychic BFF

"Down to earth, high-vibe & seriously gifted!"


Mystic. Speaker. Teacher.

A psychic on a mission to elevate consciousness and reveal your soul's intentions.

Discover Your Truth

See your highest good so that you feel empowered to grow your life in every way.

How would it feel to be connected to direct guidance with your goals?

Money Blocks

Career Guidance

Discover Life Purpose

Soulmate Connection

Relationship Challenges

Health Concerns

Healing Rituals

Angels & Mediumship


Becca's unique skill is seeing only that which EMPOWERS you!

Book Your Spot

  • Available Online

    One on One private session with Becca.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Ask one question and receive a complete reading, approximately 15 minu...

    15 min

    40 US dollars

"Becca’s mediumship is the real deal! I’ve seen readers many times before and never before was I moved to tears the way I was with her. She spoke of things that cannot be googled. It was like she was able to go through the veil and tell me of experiences in my life. When she spoke of my family members, she took on their mannerisms and tone. It was as if I could literally SEE them coming through her. The messages she had for me were simple and straightforward, I felt like I was in conversation with my loved ones. It was absolutely beautiful and an experience I will never forget. Becca’s gift is unmatched!"


While you're here, let us introduce ...

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An intuitive and supportive approach to helping women connect and live out their aspirations and soul purpose.

The Mystic Sister & Co. was created to help you develop a strong connection to your inner knowing, inspired to take clear action, and feel outrageously fulfilled.


Using psychic abilities, healing gifts, and skills from her Master Certification in Life Coaching, Becca Starr gives the clarity and guidance needed to make better decisions, see extraordinary results, and have FUN living your best life!

Launching February 2023, The Mystic Sister & Co. PODCAST gives a voice to our growing girl gang! Feel completely seen, inspired, empowered, and ready to overcome the day to day challenges of being a woman in our generation. Listen friend, it aint what our ancestors told us about, so let's 'sit around the table' and talk about what really matters to us. Join the conversation weekly for a fun, no-hold-back style of loving communication among women, intended to lift YOU up.

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"We were born before the wind

Also, younger than the sun...

Let your soul and spirit fly

Into the mystic"

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