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Hi Beautiful!

Welcome to the Inner Circle!

Exclusive Offers to Elevate Your Spiritual Journey

Welcome back to The Mystic Sister! Your continued trust in me and this journey of spiritual enlightenment means the world to me.


On this page, you'll find some specially curated offers designed to thank you for your ongoing support and to encourage you along the path of self-discovery.

From exclusive session rates to transformative packages and a rewarding referral program, each offer is crafted with your spiritual journey in mind.


Dive in and discover how these opportunities can deepen your connection with your inner wisdom. 


Thank you for being here. Let's continue to explore the gifts of intuition and insight together.

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Special Rate Offer

I understand the value of continued guidance on your spiritual path. To make it easier for you to access this support, I'm offering a special rate of $140 for any session booked within three months of your previous session. (20% Savings)


It's an opportunity to delve deeper into your journey with a little extra encouragement.


Exclusive Package Offer

For those who seek regular insight and guidance, I've created a special package: six sessions over three months for $800. (Value $1050)


This package is designed to provide consistent support and deeper exploration into your spiritual and personal growth, offering a saving from the regular rate.


Referral Program

Your recommendations mean the world to me. As part of my referral program, for every new client you refer who books a session, you'll receive a $25 discount on your next appointment. It's my way of saying thank you for spreading the word and helping others on their path to self-discovery.

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