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✨ Introducing
The Mystic Sister
Your Path to Empowerment & Clarity

Are you a woman seeking profound insight, purpose, and alignment in your life's journey? The Mystic Sister is here to guide you with exceptional psychic abilities and unwavering dedication to your personal growth.

"This reading BLEW MY MIND. The first thing you said had me in tears, it hit me right in the heart. You confirmed so many decisions I had recently made. You said things that allowed me to understand on a much deeper level. I found myself nodding my head during the whole session…it was SO GOOD!"

I teach women how to be psychic.

If you are smells, sounds, people...if you've ever been told "you're too sensitive" I was. You're probably listening to the wrong people. Like I was. The world is filled with (mostly) good people, but when you're sensitive, you're not taught how to channel your unique gifts. You're not taught how to tap into your intuition, or how to unlock your Superpower. Until now.

Who is The Mystic Sister?

Becca Starr is a rising Virgo, moon in Gemini, sun in Cancer. 5/1 Generator. Obsessed with cards, numerology, iChing, Runes, astrology, and all things spiritual since she was a little girl, Becca was a late bloomer as far as becoming a psychic. Her supernatural abilities were discovered later in she's on a mission to help every women thinking she's 'too sensitive' to unlock their own psychic superpowers!

🌟 A Genuine Psychic

🌟 Incredibly Accurate

🌟 Remarkably Intuitive

🌟 Overflowing with Testimonials

🌟 A True Gift to Women

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Sessions available at our office on Main Street in Old Saybrook, CT or Virtually via Zoom!

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"I can’t thank you enough. The world needs more people like you. You were put here to do this. You were put here to make the world a better place through the healing of mind body and soul… and I will be forever grateful to you."


Personalized Psychic Readings

Gain deep insights into your life's purpose, relationships, career, and more. The Mystic Sister's accuracy will leave you amazed and enlightened.


Future Planning Sessions

Discover the path that aligns with your heart-centered goals. Let The Mystic Sister help you craft a plan for your career or marketing goals that resonates with your soul.


Purpose-Defining Consultations

Unlock the true purpose of your existence. Find clarity and direction in your life's mission. Hear and receive guidance that validates and deeply supports you.


Heart-Centered Goal Alignment

Align your goals with your innermost desires and passions. Achieve balance and fulfillment by working WITH your angels and spiritual network.

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Start creating peace TODAY with The FREE 5-Day Meditation Challenge

Book Your Session Today!

Ready to experience the magic of The Mystic Sister? Choose between an in-person visit to our Main Street location in Old Saybrook, CT, or the convenience of a Zoom session.

"As a heart-centered Psychic with a decade of life coaching expertise, my goal is to empower women to tap into their inner strength & knowing so that they can live their best lives. My innate psychic abilities have always been a part of me, I’m beyond grateful to share them so fully with you now. I’m here to guide you through the scary moments & provide the comfort you crave. My approach is supportive & genuine, as I help you overcome challenging situations, move forward with confidence, & build a strong connection to your own intuition. My clients often leave sessions feeling mentally & emotionally renewed. Feel free to check out my numerous reviews! Are you ready to start empowering yourself? Contact me today."


Don't miss this opportunity to connect with a gifted psychic who can help you define your purpose, plan your future, and align with your heart-centered goals.

"We were born before the wind

Also, younger than the sun...

Let your soul and spirit fly

Into the mystic"

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