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Hey There, Beautiful!

Are you ready for some empowering insight? I help my clients in personal and business matters, with special attunement to entrepreneurship.
My superpower is reading your unique soul's wisdom, often hearing "Wow, I needed to hear that!

Your soul's message is always loving, wise, and supportive of what you really want. I channel all of this along with what to do and exactly what to focus on next.

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I'm Becca Starr, and this is My Story...

What began as a journey of survival led to a commitment to self-improvement, faith in a higher power, extraordinary results, and for the last ten years – a mission to change lives.


My clairvoyant and clairsentient skills developed early but took me decades to realize how helpful they could be. This came about after coaching women for a few years and devoting my life to being a Guide to self-love, goals, and vision.

A story of trusting in higher purpose...

I was living at a friend's house at 15, a high school dropout the next year. Life was not promising. I dated alcoholics and became one myself.


My only desire was to feel good and escape. I soon became a drug addict. There wasn't much rebellion I shied away from.

When I was 17...

Both of my parents were diagnosed with terminal illnesses. My mother, non-hodgkin's lymphoma that quickly spread through her body. My Dad, HIV from drug use.

This was a turning point in my life. I realized how short life could be, how temporary it all is.

I also had a front row seat to witness the Power of Mindset.

My mother chose alternative healing along with chemo, she dug deep into her spirit and brought out her amazing sense of humor - she made a full recovery. My dad on the other hand was angry, he took no active role and died four years later.

We're offered moments in life to make decisions that WILL change the path we're on.

I opened my heart to  forgiveness. I got sober at 18 and started dreaming about possibilities. I moved to NYC and created loving memories with my dad before he passed. I traveled around the world to Greece, Italy, France, Alaska, Hawaii, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, and throughout the US before I was 25. I opened a day spa in Connecticut at 26, met my soulmate, moved to California, co-founded Los Angeles' first mobile spa company and became the go-to for luxury hotels, celebrities, and production companies. I took on my greatest role as a mom at 40, and in 2020 moved back east where we've found our HOME in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. 

All things are possible with connection to Spirit.

No matter what happened, I had an unshakable belief in God. From a very young age, I prayed for people believing my prayers were heard. At 19, I read the New Testament and developed a strong, personal connection with Jesus, forgiveness, and a child-like spirit. I've never read any spiritual teaching that's made me believe there's a Big Boss in the sky judging us. It's ALL LOVE.


Our greatest potential, and our greatest challenge is LOVE.


Seeds are planted along the way...

In 6th grade with no tangible evidence, I began to have thoughts that life was not supposed to be this way, I was not meant to feel so unsafe at home. This was at the heart of why I started running away at 13. I didn't know where I was going but it had to be better


Someone gave me a cassette tape of a guided meditation when I was 16, I listened to it every day.


I found a copy of Marianne Williamson's book, A Women's Worth in an old book store.


I attended morning church service Monday-Friday.


I spent a week with nuns in Massachusetts. Really.

I was a Seeker. I looked to sources to feel higher. For too long these were toxic sources, but along the way there were also positive influences. That's all it takes... one tiny seed can grow a tree, my friend.


I journaled, a lot. I fell in love with Astrology, Feng Shui, Sai Baba, and Jesus Christ.

I never found my one church, although I really enjoyed a Baptist service with lots of singing and praising.  I LOVE Agape International Spiritual Center. The more joyful, the better! I have continued to stay open to that process, but my heart is truly in a wide open, loving, and personal relationship with Universal Love and Power.

This all seems important to share with you, my sisters who put faith in my ability to channel your higher purpose and Soul's Messages! I hope it helps you understand me more and my true, innate belief that it ALL comes from a good place, a very loving, beautiful place.

It's possible to greatly improve your spiritual connection so that you feel seen, supported, confident, and in LOVE with your life.

Wondering how? Let me introduce you to...

An intuitive and holistic approach to helping women connect and live in harmony with their aspirations and soul purpose.

The Mystic Sister & Co. was created to help you develop a strong connection to your inner knowing, inspired to take clear action, and feel outrageously fulfilled.


Using psychic abilities, healing gifts, and skills from her Master Certification in Life Coaching, Becca Starr gives the clarity and guidance needed to make better decisions, see extraordinary results, and have FUN living your best life!

"We were born before the wind

Also, younger than the sun...

Let your soul and spirit fly,

Into the mystic"

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